Wooden speaker’s podium with shelf and practical accessories.

Material: Veneered LDF-board with lipping
Measures: Height 130 cm, width 80 cm, depth 55 cm
Options: LED light, tempered glass in front panel for logo taping, wheels
Wooden parts: Birch, oak, maple, spruce, walnut, ash, beech, elm
Finishing: Lacquered, stained or painted with the desired color

Speaker Stand Lassard.pdf


Front furniture from the SLIM family designed by Timo Ripatti.

The appearance of the furniture can be modified according to the interior. Also available with electronic height adjustment.

SLIM product family also includes the SLIM speaker stand and the SLIM auditorium chair.

Frame material: Black MDF, painted steel
Dimensions: Width 160 cm x depth 80 cm x height 70–120 cm
Front plates: Anodized or painted aluminum, wool felt, veneered plate or with the desired material
Additional equipment: LED light, sockets, electric height adjustment

Slim desk.pdf