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About us

Hamari delivers auditorium solutions around the world in cooperation with clients and designers. We combine desired form and the selected materials to create functional entities. Our professional and experienced staff undertake a range of projects including architecturally demanding installations. Our furniture is always tailor made and standard products are easily adapted. Two identical auditoriums do not exist.

Hamari was established in 2014. The name “Hamari” comes from the name of a village by the sea near the city of Porvoo. The Finnish name is also an indication to traditional Finnish woodwork and internationally recognized design. Furthermore, Hamari is exporting the Finnish design worldwide, especially to Europe, and plenty of our revenue comes from international markets.

The office and exhibition are situated in the center of Porvoo. The workshop and logistics are located in Turku.

Om oss

”Although we have experience of over a thousand different auditorium projects, one should always listen modestly and carefully to what the client needs and demands.” Jari Jääskelä, CEO

”It is essential to understand that each designer has their own views and individual visions. On the other hand, each space has its own proportions, characteristics and most importantly, its own audience. Hamari’s mission is to visualize the designers ideas and realize them to fit the space in the best, most practical way.”

This requires insightful design, creative working and skilled craftsmanship. For example: a standard chair is chosen from our set collection, the desired fabric is selected, the details are modified according to the need and the most convenient installation is decided. The final result is a tailor made auditorium which delivery time and expenses are within reasonable time.

Hamari works with an order-delivery-principal. The auditorium furniture is always ordered individually to every project, only the needed amount of each product to fit the need. This decreases the waste of materials, transports and storage needs. Moreover, the quality design and materials ensures a long lifetime and a low maintenance need for the furniture. In each stage of the project, the environmental impacts are taken in consideration and the emissions of the products are pursued to keep in minimum.

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