Innovative furniture solutions

All great begins from small

Great innovations to auditorium solutions in a small package. Hamari is a Finnish company specialized in auditorium furniture with profound expertise.

NeoCon HiP Awards Winner 2024

MONO chairs take up little space, but meet all the requirements of a good auditorium chair in terms of appearance, ergonomics and functionality. It opens up into a back, seat and armrests in one movement of the hand.

Mono auditorium chair - a floor-mounted auditorium chair that combines efficient use of space with excellent ergonomics.

MonoSpin - an independent chair that rotates on a flange base. The chair will return in the opening direction when the seat rises.

MonoWall - suitable for premises where efficient use of space and free floor space are required. The depth from the wall in the upper position of the seat is only 28 cm.

MonoFold - allows hiding the whole seat under the floor. When you need an extra aisle in the middle of the auditorium or other free space.